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Well, Well, Well.

Do you know what's in your well water?

What is well water?

Well Water or ground water, is stored beneath the ground's surface. It is untreated and is drawn up by a pump from aquifers below. They are most common in rural areas and where municipal water is not available.

It isn’t hard to find drinkable groundwater. But, since groundwater is essentially rain that has moved through the soil and into an aquifer, it can absorb a lot of other things along the way. There’s much more in your well water than H2O.

Are there benefits to well water?

Well water is very cost effective and there is almost always an endless supply of it. As long as you have adequate filtration, well water is usually pretty safe and healthy to drink.

Are there dangers to drinking well water?

Yes. Well water can contain - bacteria, lead, arsenic, chromium 6, mercury, radon and volatile organic compounds (VOC). If the ground where the well is dug is contaminated, there's a probable chance that your water will be contaminated as well. This is why you do not dig a well next to a septic tank. Any leaking or burst pipes and....well....your well isn't well anymore.

One of the biggest concerns is nitrate contamination. At elevated levels, nitrates pose a health risk to pregnant mothers and young children.

Are there symptoms when you have contaminated well water?

Yes, household well water that is contaminated likely holds coliform bacteria and E-coli. These microorganisms can be the cause of enteric diseases. Common infected well water symptoms include:

  • flu-like symptoms.

  • fever symptoms.

  • abdominal cramps.

  • diarrhea.

  • nausea.

  • fatigue.

  • loss of energy.

  • severe flu.

What can I do to make sure my well water stays clean and free of contaminants?

Keeping your family and pets safe is our first priority. You can contact us below to schedule a FREE water test. Clear Water Solutions has several different options for our well water customers. We offer UV lighting to whole house water filtration systems. We are the solution for all your well water problems!

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