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Why Everyone Should Have A Shower Filter (Or Whole House Water System)

Shower filters remove harmful chemicals that can damage your skin, such as chlorine and chloramines.

Hard water often contains an excess amount of calcium and magnesium which mix with your hair products to form a salt. The salt that is formed leaves a residue on your scalp and hair, which blocks your scalp from absorbing the moisturizer from the conditioner. As a result, your hair gets dry, tangled and leads to breakage. This can often make your color fade much faster, resulting in you having to spend more money for up-keeping!

Washing your hair with filtered water can also help you get to that goal photo you've wanted for so long. Mineral/hard water build up in the your hair + bleach = DISASTER! Many salons offer a hard water treatment in our hair prior to any services.


Studies found that filtering your shower's water likely aids your health more than the tap water filter on your kitchen faucet. So basically without a filter you are showering in a pesticide (such as chlorine - which kills harmful bacteria in water and beneficial bacteria in our body!)

Where Can I Get One Of Those Shower Heads RIGHT NOW!

Clear Water Solutions offers a luxury shower head filter that infuses vitamin C into your skin and hair, as well as reducing harmful chemicals and bacteria. Want to make sure you feel beautiful inside and out? Ask us about our WHOLE HOUSE SYSTEM for your home!

Ready to get quit damaging your hair and body? Call us today at 985-302-4771 and one of our water treatment experts will help you find the perfect solution for your home, family and pets!

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