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"Smooth seas never made a skilled sailor" is a mantra Lillian Wagner has learned to live by.  Living in Louisiana her entire life, she has had to learn a thing or two about water-but not the Gulf water you might be thinking of.  These waters are far closer to home than our coastline.  These are waters that flow through our city and wells and into our homes across the region, carrying hidden dangers that can be as deadly as the open water.  Our systems can bring healthier water to your family.

Lillian has been involved in health and fitness most of her life, but she wanted to dive into body physiology and disease control to help unhealthy people become well again.  When her stepfather was diagnosed with colon cancer, holistic medicine became her focus.  Working in the water business for three and a half years, she's learned some alarming things about the water we put in our bodies everyday.

In 1994, the FDA set an allowed level of lead in bottled water at 5ppb.  Unfortunately, there are no effective medical treatments for lead poisoning, and the consequences of exposure can be very dangerous.  Symptoms like fatigue, joint pain, memory loss, head and stomach aches are often mistaken for other illnesses.  Clear Water Solutions can remove and/or reduce heavy metals such as lead and other harmful contaminants, including chlorine and chloramine.

Lillian says "To be crystal clear - just because there is a legal limit of water contaminants set by the state, it doesn't mean those levels are safe.  All have harmful side effects.  Your family deserves better." 

Let Clear Water Solutions put your water to the test!


Lillian Wagner, Owner

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