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"Love my water filter!! Lily is very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with!"

Jamie Dragon

"Referred to me by my son, I am very happy that I agreed to have Lillian from Clear Water Solutions come test my water. She was extremely knowledgeable from the initial testing to the completed installation. The water is drinkable and tastes great. No more bottled water for us! We drink right from the tap now. You can taste the 'clean' in the water now."

Tricia Hale

"We absolutely love ours! I AM DEFINITELY IMPRESSED. We live in Greenwell Springs. From years of ingesting the contaminated water here, it was wreaking havoc on my skin. I was experiencing a worsening of painful cracking on the fingers of my hands and a scaling roughness on my legs and arms. I was originally diagnosed with a mild case of excema on my body and an extreme case on my hands while living in the outer suburbs of Chicago. At first, I thought weather conditions! Then we discovered lyme and rust in our water, so we invested in a commercial water system for our house, but no matter what we did, I still suffered constantly with cracking skin on my hands.... And when I say painful, I mean it. It was very difficult to work at all. Then we moved south to Louisiana. I was no longer working with chemicals, I no longer had to deal with well water, the weather conditions changed for the better.....but my hands got worse and the allover condition of the skin on my body felt like sandpaper. We asked Lillian to come into our home and check the water. We learned that we had a lot of heavy metals, chlorine, arscenic, and several other toxins in our waterlines. We made the right decision to invest in a system for our new home. I have to say, since investing in the Clear Water Solutions System our water tastes better, my skin feels softer, my hands are clearing up, my dishes are no longer spotty from the dishwasher & my laundry even looks and smells more fresh and clean. It's the best investment we've made yet concerning our overall health! I wish we had found this for our 1st home. So thank you... It's changed our lives, Lillian Wagner!"

Barbara Edgington

"After doing weeks of research on a water purification system for my new house I came across Clear Water Solutions. I spoke with Lilly on the phone and she came out that day to test my water. She answered all my questions about the system and pricing. Lilly was very knowledgeable about the system which made my choice very easy. I no longer have to worry about buying bottled water!"

"The owner is very helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. Will do their best to get the right products for you and your family. Knowledge of the Commercial aspect is key to the successful outcome and will not leave a proverbial stone un-turned."

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